Colson williams


10k: 34:02

15k: 54:22

Half Marathon: 1:14:51(en route)

Marathon: 2:34:45

About Colson: Colson grew up a competitor and an athlete, and would spend hours a day pursuing his passion on the baseball diamond. His baseball career came to an end when he began college in the fall of 2011 at Oklahoma State University. However, it was not until 2013 that Colson found a new passion that would fill the void left when he stopped playing baseball. Running as a hobby eventually turned into a desire to compete and train for racing long distance events ranging from the marathon down to 10Ks.

Colson recently graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in business economics, and moved to Richmond, Virginia to continue his education at the University of Richmond School of Law in the fall of 2015. He is currently working at Fleet Feet Sports Richmond, as he is always trying to surround himself with the sport of running. Between logging over 100 miles per week in training, working at a running store, or reading, Colson can be found enjoying the outdoors and hiking. He and his border collie, Finley, enjoy spending as much time outside as possible down on the James River. Colson strives to live by the motto, “Do More!” 

NCAA Career: Colson did not compete in college but attended Oklahoma State University. His running has taken off post-collegiately and he looks to become an elite distance runner with Anchored Elite.

Colson's Goals: Even though Colson has only been competitively running for a very short time (barely 2 years), he has made tremendous progress in catching up to the fitness levels of former collegiate runners. He has drastically cut the “learning curve,” by spending greats amount of time logging miles and pushing himself to be the best athlete he can be. This being said, he does not let his lack of collegiate experience hinder his goals and drive to be an elite marathoner.

Having qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon, via the Austin Marathon this past February, Colson has geared his training to accomplish great things at the historic race. However, before then he will be racing at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota on June 20th. He also plans on racing a fall marathon before devoting all training towards the Boston Marathon in 2016. He will also compete in various longer distances events (10ks to half marathons) around the country for the remainder of 2015.

With the excellent progress Colson has made to get to this level of running, in just two years, he believes the sky is the limit! He has set his goals high; however, he is humble and only keeps a listed of these goals posted on his mirror. He likes to sum up his aspirations in one quote, “I want to be a qualified ‘Elite’ marathoner, so I can use the special port-o-potties next to the ‘Elite’ corral…”



"Colson is a great addition to Anchored Elite! He comes with limited running background but he has a phenomenal drive and great aspirations to do great things. He is rapidly developing into a very good distance runner and I am excited to help him along his journey. I believe he can do some great things in the marathon and beyond! He has a great attitude and the perfect person you want apart of a team!"




Marathon:  2:34:45 (previous best: 2:57:09)

Half Marathon:  1:14:51 (previous best: 1:17:52)