Top 15 Moments for Anchored Elite 2015

15. Zach gets married

On July 24th, Zachary Barker got married to his high school sweetheart Katie Adametz in his home state of Pennsylvania. The two had been dating since they were 16 years old. Getting married gave Zach great motivation to train! Basically any success that Zach has Katie gets about 95% of the credit! Congrats to two amazing people and we wish you both the most amazing life together!






14. Eden is coming home!

In November Isaac and Libby finally received their travel dates to pick up their daughter! They will be traveling in February, 2016 to Thailand to bring home Eden. We can't wait to have another wonderful Anchored Elite family member! Also Eden's birthday is tomorrow (Christmas!) Happy Birthday Eden!   


13. Educational success! 

The fall of 2015 saw three of our athletes begin incredible journey’s of secondary education. Caleb edmonds began Medical School at Columbia University in New York City! Kirstin Rudd began Nursing School at Yale University in Connecticut! And Colson Williams began Law School at the University of Richmond in Virginia! 

12.  Announcing a full team roster

In the early part of 2015 Anchored Elite announced a full 10 athlete roster and later added two more women in Jacy Christensen and Kirstin Rudd! We have athletes from all over the country: Virginia, Arizona, Oregon, Georgia, Florida, New York, and Connecticut! We are so thankful for all the athletes in our group and the amazing attributes they possess! 


11. Colson runs 2:34:45 at Grandma’s Marathon

On June 20, 2015, in Duluth, Minnesota, Colson Williams ran a 23 minute personal best for the marathon distance. He placed 64th out of 6,077 runners in the famed Grandma's Marathon running a time of 2:34:45 (5:55 per mile). Colson will be aiming for a big race at the 2016 Boston Marathon along with teammates Zach and Jaiden! 



10. Matt wins XTerra 10k Trail Race

After battling injuries and deciding to join Anchored Elite, Matt came thriving back as he discovered trail racing. He won the Xterra 10k Trail Race in Georgia. He ran 37:08 on the challenging trail course and won the race by over a minute and a half. He also spent a busy fall as a high school cross country coach. Matt is also getting married on January 1, 2016! Congrats to you Matt and have an incredible wedding! 



9. “The Michigan” Workout

In preparation for their big outdoor track races, Isaac and Jaiden completed the famed Michigan workout of 1600m-1mile Tempo-1200m-1mile Tempo-800m-1mile Tempo-400m. Isaac rocked the final 400m running a very quick 52.2! The workout was filmed and a few friends came out to support and cheer on the two athletes! Both went on to set significant personal bests on the track


8. Zach’s inspirational video & Richmond Half Marathon

In the fall of 2015 we produced our first video featuring Zach and his inspirational story. We would like to thank Colin Schultz for his great efforts in producing the film! Right around the same time the video was released Zach ran a big half marathon debut of 1:12:00 at the Richmond Half Marathon. In the same race Jaiden set over a 2 minute personal best in 1:07:59 and Jacy Christensen debuted in 1:21:42!


7.  Caleb earns pro triathlete status

Adding to his already impressive resume, Caleb became a pro triathlete after winning the Elite Development 2015 Rev4 Rush Triathlon in Richmond, Virginia during the summer. Caleb is currently focusing on Medical School but hopes to pursue more triathlon competitions in 2016 when he is on break! 




6. Rachel & Jon run big PR’s at Boston Marathon

In April Rachel and Jon ran at the famed Boston Marathon where they excelled in the cold rainy weather. Jon ran to a personal best of 2:40:35 while Rachel ran to a 10 minute personal best of 3:07:56. Both are currently living and training in Eugene, Oregon! 




5. New Logo!

Graphic Designer, Emily Swan of Corning, New York designed an incredible logo for Anchored Elite that has helped build the brand of our group! We couldn't be more thankful for having a great logo for the team. 





4. Jaiden runs 14:43/Isaac runs 1:49 at Duke Twilight

In early May, Jaiden and Isaac competed at Duke University with the goals of running sub 15 minutes for 5k (Jaiden) and sub 1:50 for 800m (Isaac). Both were successful and had incredible races at the Duke Twilight. Both guys were energized and this meet really created a belief in both athletes that they could take their talents to the next level. 



3. Isaac runs 4:06 at Music City Distance Carnival

Traveling down to Nashville, Tennessee, Isaac went for his first ever sub 4 mile attempt. His previous best mile was 4:16 and he ran an incredible race winning the ‘B’ section of the mile in 4:06. This race was a huge confidence booster and Anchored Elite believes that Isaac will be able to accomplish the amazing feat of a sub 4 mile in 2016! 







2. Kirstin runs 2:57:52

Deciding to compete in a marathon last minute, Kirstin ran a huge personal best in the marathon dipping under the illustrious 3 hour mark as she placed 3rd overall at the Black Goose Marathon in Seekonk, MA and was the overall female winner. Kirstin is currently focusing on Nursing School at Yale University, but looks to improve upon her great running in 2016! 






1.  Partnership with Janji

Our biggest moment of the year came when we created a partnership with the amazing Boston based company of Janji! A running apparel company that produces high quality products and focuses on helping solve the clean water criss in the world, Janji became the official sponsor of Anchored Elite in June of 2015. We are extremely excited to build our relationship with Janji in 2016 and also create some projects that will help bring clean water to those around the world in need! Thanks Janji for all you do for us! Here is to a great 2016!