Training of the Week (August) - Colson Williams

August 3-August 9

Spotlight Athlete: Colson Williams

Monday, August 3 –    A.M: 8 miles trail with my buddy Jake (Pocahontas State Park)

            P.M: 3 miles easy with my dog Finley (Pocahontas State Park)

Tuesday, August 4 – Altering Pace Road Tempo Workout (12 Miles Total) 

  • 2 miles warm up
  • 3 miles @ 5:30 pace
  • 2 miles @ 6:30 pace
  • 3 miles @ 5:30 pace
  • 2 miles cool down

*I really enjoyed this workout, and felt strong rolling through the altered pace. It is always nice to get “turnover” in the legs at the beginning of the week! I also do my tempo workouts on a nice 3 mile stretch of flat road, that runs along the James River, so the scenery is unbeatable.

Wednesday, August 5 - A.M: 9 miles trail with Jake (Pocahontas State Park)

                P.M: 4 miles of light shakeout to watch UR track meet

Thursday, August 6 – 9 miles easy recovery and prep for Friday’s Fartlek

Friday, August 7 – Fartlek Friday (12 total miles)

  • 2 miles warm up
  • 10 x (2 minutes ON/3 minutes OFF)
    • 3 minute segments @ 5:20-5:40
    • 2 minute segments @ 6:00-6:30
  • 2 mile cool down

*I always enjoy a nice Fartlek. The weather was really cooperative for this workout. Low 70’s and overcast for the morning made it nice to not have to “push it” in the heat.

Saturday, August 8 – 15 miles long run (through Richmond)

*I usually do my long run on Sunday; however, due to a work conflict on Sunday, I had to move it to Saturday morning. Plus the weather seemed to be more favorable.

Sunday, August 9 – 10 mile trail run with the usual weekend crew (Pocahontas State Park)


Total Weekly Mileage: 82 miles


With Colson’s next marathon being the TowerBank Outer Banks Marathon on November 8th, he’s putting in quality miles to pursue his goals. Before this race he will be participating in a few local races at shorter distances. He is setting his sights on the Outer Banks marathon as he was invited to be a member of the elite field of runners participating. He looks to improve upon his previous marathon time of 2:34:45 (Grandma’s Marathon 2015), as well as racing for a spot on the podium. Colson strives at high mileage training, so he usually pushes 100+ mile weeks in the time leading up to a race. He is eager to get back to this high level of mileage output. He logs the miles and grinds every week in hopes of eventually qualifying for the Olympic Trials. 



Favorite Place to Run:

I love running in the mountains or along a scenic waterfront. Every time I visit a new city, the first thing I do is lace up my shoes and explore! It always gives me an advantage during a trip, as I know how to navigate a city like a local. “Oh yes! I saw that on my run earlier!”

Favorite Food:

Breakfast, brunch, and coffee are my strengths in the kitchen. That being said, my “go-to” after a long run is brunch. It is not uncommon for me to make breakfast for all three meals of a day. As a “coffee snob,” I am a huge fan of brewing boutique coffee, by hand, in the morning. I also enjoy a nice bowl of cereal before bed.

Activities Outside of Running:

It is really hard to find me sitting still during the day. I live to be outside, whether it’s hiking, biking, playing with my dog Finley, I try to spend a majority of my time in the outdoors. Also as a law student, I enjoy reading.

What’s up with “The Mustache?”

It’s my signature. I grew it out earlier in the year, and it just stuck around. Sadly, people remember the mustache and not my name. The mustache was influenced by Steve Prefontaine (Pre) and a handful of mountain/trail runners; however, its time may be up with law school around the corner. 







Training of the Week (July Week 2)

July 12-July 18



Sunday, July 12:  11 Mile Long Run (on Pre’s Trail started slow finished 7:00 pace)

Monday, July 13:  7 Miles easy with Melissa on Pre’s Trail

Tuesday, July 14:  7.5 Miles (Tap and Growler group run)

Wednesday, July 15:  5.5 Mile Run (Hub group run on the bike path)

Thursday, July 16:  TRE Flyers workout 5.5 Miles total on Rexius trail.

  • Warm-up 
  • 1 Mile @ 5k pace
  • 3x1000m @ 100m mile pace/100m easy pace
  • 1000m @ 5k pace
  • Cool-down

Friday, July 17:  5 Miles easy with Melissa 

Saturday, July 18:  8.5 Miles easy (Run Hub group run)



This spring Rachel had a great race the Boston Marathon with a big 10 minute personal best as she ran 3:07:56. She is incredible talent and we are extremely excited to see what she does this Fall and beyond! It has taken some time for her to recover from the April marathon but now her training is getting back to normal. She is apart of a great running community in Eugene, Oregon and we LOVE giving her our support and we believe in Rachel Cackett! 


Go to pre race meal: I know it’s super boring but usually all I have the morning before a race is plain oatmeal with a banana and lots of water with nuun. My favorite post race/run meal however, is pancakes. Preferably with lots of chocolate chips. 

Favorite music to workout to:

  • One Republic
  • Lorde
  • Hozier
  • The Lumineers
  • MIKA
  • The Fratellis
  • Eric Hutchinson
  • Kanye West
  • Taylor Swift
  • K’naan
  • Train
  • Macklemore
  • Sam Smith
  • Walk the Moon

Lately I’ve really enjoyed listening to podcasts on runs my favorites are:

  • Radiolab
  • The Moth
  • The Mystery Show
  • This American Life

Favorite Movie:  I like a lottttt of movies, but I think my top three favorites of all time are:

  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Knotting Hill
  • Easy A

Favorite racing memory:  By far my favorite racing memory was my senior year at the Indoor State Championship meet. I doubled in the 5k and the 3k (run on Friday and Saturday respectively). I hadn’t qualified for ECAC’s yet and this meet was my last chance. My parents, grandma, sister, Jon, and friends from school all drove down for the weekend. Fortunately, or so I thought, my stronger event (the 5k) was first. The race however, did not go as planned, and I ended up missing the time I needed by a few seconds. I honestly thought I was done. I caught a cold and barely warmed up the next day for the 3k. I remember telling my dad that I was really unsure about even doing the race. I went out in the back of the pack and to my surprise was hitting all the splits I needed. With four laps to go I was still within striking distance. My coach had everyone on the team cheering to get the time I needed. I qualified by just a few seconds and completely surprised myself. Having such a breakthrough race surrounded by the people I love was the most fun I have ever had racing. 

People who have provided the biggest positive influence on my life:  So many people have had a positive influence on my life, my family, friends, and a myriad of coaches. It’s impossible to name just a few. Rather than recognizing specific individuals, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for challenging and encouraging me over the years to stay positive despite adversity. Thank you for having a sense of humor and sharing it with me, and thank you for teaching me to tackle big goals one small step at time.

Training of the Week (July Week 1)

July 6-July 12



Monday, July 6:  9 Miles Easy (7:50 pace) *Trail Run

Tuesday, July 7:  Light Fartlek Workout (10 miles Total)

  • 3 Mile Warm-Up
  • 6x3min on, 2 min off
  • 3 min @ 5:10-5:15 pace
  • 2 min @ 7:00-7:15 pace
  • 2 Mile Cool-Down

Wednesday, July 8:  8 Miles Easy (7:03 pace) + 4 Strides

Thursday, July 9:  9 Mile Tempo Workout (12 Miles Total)

  • 2 Mile Warm-Up
  • 9 Mile Tempo Averaging 5:20 pac
    • 5:25/5:18/5:16/5:20/5:24/5:19/5:30/5:31/5:25
  • 1 Mile Cool-Down

Friday, July 10:  7 Miles Easy (7:12 pace)

Saturday, July 11:  14 Mile Long Run (6:24 pace) + 4 Strides

Sunday, July 12:  6 Miles Easy (7:17 pace)



Jaiden is currently in the process of training for the Virginia Beach Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon on September 6, 2015. His goal is to run sub 1:05 in order to qualify for the USA Olypmic Marathon Trials. He just started getting into the tougher portion of his training as he has now implemented harder workouts of longer volume to make sure he can run 4:57 pace for 13.1 miles. He is battling through the heat of Georgia and waking up early each and every day to run in 'cooler' temperatures. Anchored Elite could not be more excited about Jaiden's journey to qualify for such a prestigious event in the Olympic Trials! 


Favorite Movie: The Hobbit Series

Favorite Place to Run: The Mountains (or anywhere that is cool...I've been dying in this Georgia heat!)

Super Power: I would want the ability to fly...So I don't have to run anymore! Ha!

Favorite Disney Princess:  Mulan (She got to be in all the action. Plus who didn't sing along to 'Be a Man' as a kid!!??)


Both Isaac and Jaiden had great races in Durham, NC at the Duke Twilight on May 6th and 7th. Jaiden started the weekend off with a big 20 second Personal Best in the 5,000m finishing 5th in a strong field with a time of 14:43.45. Isaac followed Jaiden's big performance breaking the prestigious 1:50 barrier in the 800m dash with a time of 1:49.90 and a 6th place finish. Up next Isaac will travel to Nashville, TN to attempt breaking 4 minutes in the mile on June 6, 2015!